FIFA 20: 11 Future Stars You Have To Buy

The must-buy youngsters you need to see!

EA Sports/Instagram/Wikimedia Commons

Are you one of the many that delve knee-deep into FIFA's career mode each year? If so then you're part of a select group that go through the same struggles each year.

It's no secret that EA hasn't exactly shown much love to career mode these last few years, in fact the mode has pretty much gone untouched for a while now. Well that's apparently going to change with FIFA 20, where EA has talked-up the Career Mode. The revamped mode will now allow you to really customise your manager, partake in cutscene press conferences that can affect your player performances, and a greater emphasis on player potential/management.

And player potential is what we're looking at today. There's nothing quite like taking charge of a lower level team like Leeds United, buying or loaning a host of young talent - thanks to your takeover perk - shepherding those players to become the best team in the world, and restoring your club to its former glory. We're going to help you with that journey today.

We've compiled a list of 11 young players that are guaranteed to be future stars. To make things more fun, we're only choosing one player per position, so you don't end up with a list of 11 exciting strikers. So get your transfer list ready, because we've got your FIFA 20 team right here!

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