FIFA 20: 20 Fastest Players

You're either fast or you're nothing...

EA Sports

There might be a lot of stats make up the best players, but speed is king in FIFA. Always has been, always will be. No matter how much each new chapter of football's biggest gaming franchise evolved, it all comes down to a player being able to show their opponent their heels.

Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately, depending on what sort of player you are - speed has often trumped ability as less skilled, but lightning quick players can be picked up for comparatively affordable costs and can be used to advance play against even way higher-rated teams.

Once more, the spread of ability is not directly correlated to overall ability and plumping for certain pacy players means taking a compromise on their passing, finishing or other technical skills.

Some of the picks here will be obvious from the outset, but as ever there are also some pretty big surprises too. And with the game on the verge of being widely available, now's the perfect time to start making your lists of players you'll need to keep an eye on.

Behold, the speed demons you need to look out for in FIFA 20 ranked in order of rapidness...

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