FIFA 20 Career Mode: 10 Players You Need To Buy First

These go-to signings will set you up for success!

EA Sports

FIFA 20 is now upon us, and fans are chomping at the bit to explore the various game modes of this latest installment in the iconic gaming franchise.

While some may look to instantly hit Ultimate Team and see what delights are waiting for them to unpack, a good amount of players will go straight for Career Mode.

For years, Career Mode has been one of the most enjoyable - if not admittedly slightly flawed - elements of FIFA, and FIFA 20 has seen a major overhaul for this particular game mode. Of course, regardless of the new look and new tweaks, key to Career Mode is the actual squad that any budding manager puts together.

Sure, everybody would love to sign Leo Messi or CR7, but the list assembled here are more realistic options that are geared towards both short-term and long-term success for your side. Some of these might cost a good chunk of change, while others are included for the great value for money they provide as you look to cast your eye on the future of Career Mode.

Here, then, are ten signings who will prove vital for anybody looking to dominate Career Mode in FIFA 20.

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