FIFA 20 Career Mode: 10 Teams You Must Play With

Forget Barcelona, Manchester City, and PSG - these are the best teams for Career Mode!

EA Sports

After what feels like an eternity of waiting around, FIFA 20 is finally here.

Amongst the new additions and tweaks made to this latest entry in the long-running FIFA franchise, one aspect that instantly got gamers' attention was the overhaul to Career Mode. All being well, all bugs have been eradicated, new features are in place, and we've all been promised a vastly improved gaming experience for this particular game mode.

Of course, it remains to be seen just how well those changes work, and the jury will remain out on Career Mode until players have had a chance to properly go deep on this game type.

Now while identifying which players will make good signings for your team is a key part of Career Mode, even more important is starting the game with the right sort of team in the first place. Granted, you might get drawn in by the bright lights of some of world football's money-rich clubs with the best squads on the game, but so often Career Mode is about finding a team that's simply fun to play as and that has potential for major growth.

Keeping in line with that school of thought, then, here are ten teams who you should consider for your exploration of FIFA 20's Career Mode.


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