FIFA 20 Ratings: 10 Best Strikers In The Game

10. Antoine Griezmann

EA Sports

Top 100 Ranking: 20

Positives: Barca's new French forward has better pace than the next three entries on this list. He's lightning fast, and not only when he doesn't have the ball. Griezmann's 89 dribbling and 86 shooting mean he's a demon in and around the box. The striker has good skill moves too, and there can't be much between him and others ahead in the Top 20.

Negatives (if any): His physical stats aren't top level, and his ability to play the ball with his weak foot is joint worst amongst the top forwards in the game. One good season at Barcelona and EA will be fawning over him in FIFA 21 though. Don't be surprised if that happens.

He's a La Liga winner in waiting.

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