FIFA 20 Ratings: Best Possible XI

Only one player per position, but infinite goal-scoring possibilities...

Whether it's Ultimate Team success, Career Mode domination or fantasy fun you're after, this list has you covered by revealing the absolute best player for every position in FIFA 20.

If you're the kind of gamer who's happy to throw personal preference away in favour of EA's own stat sheets, then you'll end up with one of the most robust squads going. The group of players here have been hand-picked from EA's Top 100 players in the new game, and they're able to play a variety of formations.

Straight up 4-4-2 is possible, so is 4-5-1, and there's even a cheeky chance to shuffle the pack (thanks to the flexibility of the top pros on offer when it comes to filling different positions) and use a wackier 4-1-2-1-2 set-up. Everything is catered for; there are midfield destroyers, creative types, wide men, fast attackers, strikers who crush opposition in the air, flying wing backs, staunch centre backs and the best goalie available.

Remember that only one player per position was chosen. The rules are fairly strict too, meaning you won't be seeing any CBs playing on the flank or anyone who's technically a winger leading the line up front. So, who made the cut and which big names miss out?

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