FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: 5 Community Team Of The Season Stand-Outs You Must Try

Who stands out from the first TOTS squad of the year ?

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Team Of The Season... err season... is always a great time for fans of FIFA Ultimate Team. With the current situation though, EA have decided to release TOTSSF (team of the season so far). It’s a bit of a mouthful but the premise remains the same. TOTS cards consist of players who have had a great season, boosted highly.

This year, the first two squads released were the Community squad and EFL squad. One cool thing about the Community squad is that we (the Community) actually got to vote who got in.

Every player had the chance to go on FUTHead or FUTWiz and pick the team, they would like to see turn blue.

Almost 500,000 votes later, EA recently released the squad into packs. So, who are the standouts?


5. Nordi Mukiele

EA Sports

Nordi Mukiele is a man wanted by many top clubs in real life right now. He has had an excellent season for RB Leipzig, whether he’s playing at centre-back or right-back.

At the start of this FIFA, his 77 rated card was used by quite a lot of people. It was no surprise then to see him get voted into the Community Team Of The Season after he was nominated. His card comes in at 89 rated and is a centre-back.

This card's strongest assets are definitely his dribbling and pace. He feels amazing on the ball with 85 dribbling and with 87 pace he can win a foot race against just about anyone with a shadow chemistry style.

Arguably the best thing about this guy, though, is how easily you can link him in your Ultimate Team. Being both French and from the Bundesliga means there are many ways to fit him in. Currently, he will set you back 300k, a bargain for one of the most over-powered centre-backs in the game.


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