FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: 5 Premier League Team Of The Season Stand Outs You Must Try

These players will improve your Ultimate Team massively!

EA Sports

Team Of The Season is always a great time for fans of FIFA Ultimate Team. With the current situation though, EA have decided to release TOTSSF (team of the season so far). Despite the name change, the premise remains the same: EA pick players from leagues around the world they think were having a great season and give these players super-boosted cards in FUT.

Recently the Premier League TOTS were released, arguably the most popular amongst fans given the players that play in the league. Of course, there were a lot of great cards ranging from teams like Liverpool to Sheffield United.

With all these new cards in the game though, who stood out the most from the Premier League?

5. Çaglar Söyüncü

EA Sports

Let's start with a player who is relatively cheap. Söyüncü had an excellent season for Leicester prior to the season's end. He was a key man as the Foxes once again stormed up the table and found themselves in the top 4.

This has earned him a spot in EA’s Team Of The Season. Despite being only 88 rated he is hell to lay against. His 82 pace combined with 88 defending and 89 physical make him the ideal centre back. 81 dribbling isn’t too bad either for a man in his position.

The best part about this card is his moderate price. The Turk will only cost you about 150k - a bargain for someone with his stats and links.


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