FIFA 21: 10 Biggest Downgrades We Can Expect

David Luiz can kiss goodbye to the 80 club.

EA Sports

As we reach the end of yet another - albeit particularly odd - footballing season, now is the time when players start to focus on those all important numbers.

No, not the amount of points their club desperately need to avoid relegation, grasp a Champions League place or even win a title. They're focused on the really important digits: What rating they will have on the next edition of FIFA.

Though things can always change in updates as a season unfolds (see: Daniel James jumping from 72 to 77 for Manchester United this year) everyone wants to start the new season with as high a rating as possible.

However, not every star produces the sort of season which warrants a top class grade and sometimes a real life dip in form can see a once decent rating seriously tumble in just once campaign.

Of course, these footy stars can always count on Ultimate Team giving them a ridiculously overpowered card after one or two outstanding performances. But, as of writing, it looks like these ten players are set for a rude awakening once they pop FIFA 21 into their consoles later this year.

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