FIFA 21: 20 Highest Rated Players In The Game

No prizes for guessing the top two.

EA Sports

FIFA's later-than-usual annual edition is just around the corner, hitting shelves on 9 October, and to ramp up anticipation, EA have rolled out the much-anticipated list of the game's top 100 players.

We won't be handing out any prizes to those who've correctly identified the top two. Despite relatively tepid exploits this past season - by their admittedly ridiculous standards - there's still no end to this all too familiar duopoly.

There are some surprises elsewhere, however. 2018's Ballon d'Or recipient Luka Modric has dropped out of the top ten completely, slipping all the way to 29. Eden Hazard, who last summer completed a €100 million move to Real Madrid, is similarly absent from the upper echelons - the price of a dismal debut campaign at the Bernabeu which returned just one goal. Romelu Lukaku's record-breaking Europa League run also bears no fruit - perhaps because it ended with him turning into his own net.

Naturally, Bayern Munich's charge to Champions League glory over the summer sees a number of their key performers leap up the charts, whilst the usual suspects from Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate. Indeed, players from just six clubs - the six richest clubs in Europe, as it happens - make up the top 20.

Read on for all the ratings and analysis of FIFA 21's top rated superstars.

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