FIFA 21: 7 Early Rumours You Need To Know

VAR ? A new cover star? And will it be cross-platform?!

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FIFA is the world's premier football game. Over the years it has become EA's favourite child as well as a bit of a cash cow if we're all being perfectly honest.

The release of FIFA 20 wasn't quite so smooth with many bugs, particularly in career mode. To be frank, not much has changed since with patch after patch unable to save the game from the horrid sate it is currently in - predominantly because of the horrible servers EA refuse to update. Throughout the years, many great FIFA's have suffered because of this and EA's greedy nature when it comes to FIFA points.

Naturally, many fans have already began looking ahead to the next release. Despite the chances of new servers coming being slim to none, many remain optimistic. As FIFA 20 winds down, many have began circulating their thoughts and rumours of what could lie ahead for the franchise.

7. Release Date

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The release date of any FIFA is always an exciting time for fans of the franchise. The truth is no matter how much we rage at the previous game we all still buy the next one. Most players actually stop playing the game in June in anticipation for the next release, usually in September.

The previous three FIFA titles have all released on the last Friday in September. It will likely be the same again for the PS4 and Xbox One with versions for the next gen consoles coming later.

If we base it off the last three releases then FIFA 21 would release on September 25, 2020. It's unknown when it will be released for the PS5 and Xbox Series X as we don't even know when the consoles themselves will come out.

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