FIFA 21: 8 Career Mode Changes You Need To Know

Is Career Mode finally heading in the right direction again?

EA Sports

FIFA 21 isn't even out yet and social media is already blowing up big time over everything from the cover (which is very Windows '98 screensaver but also in-tune with retro FIFA box art) to the lack of changes seen in the long-abandoned Career Mode.

Wait, there are changes to this year's Career Mode? Somebody tell the haters.

That's right, change is rife. EA are finally stepping up their efforts when it comes to the cherished single-player mode and plan on doing more than adding a few cutscenes, samey press conferences and/or gaffer creation options. The tweaks revealed via EA's official website won't please everybody, but this is a step in the right direction at least. It's also possible that more announcements are coming soon.

FIFA 21's Career suite promises to change how aspiring bosses manage their squad and youth set-ups, and how they approach diving into a transfer market that, until now, has been pretty generic and hardly exciting to fiddle around with.

Here's everything you need to know about all eight of the changes EA has made to Career Mode thus far...

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