FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: 7 Things We Already Know

7. Pace Has Been Nerfed

EA Sports

EA recently revealed the ratings and stats of the top 100 players in next year's FUT. One thing that quickly became clear from these is that pace will not be as big of a deal as it has been in previous years. For example, Ciro Immobile has 84 pace whilst Champions League winner and pacey winger Serge Gnabry only has 82. For context, Gnabry last year had 90 pace meaning he has been downgraded by eight.

Perhaps worse than him though is the pace EA have given English star Jadon Sancho: 83. This is down 6 from last year but is much more surprising considering he has been great and is rumoured to be heading to Manchester United.

Of course, all this doesn't mean pace will be completely useless, but perhaps not a must-have like its been previously.

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