FIFA 22: 10 Improvements To Career Mode We Want To See

Screw Ultimate Team! EA Sports must make significant changes to FIFA 22's Career Mode.

EA Sports

As CJ (of fellow video game titan GTA) once sighed, "Aw sh*t, here we go again".

This is a beautiful period of the year though. It's a time when football-loving gamers of all ages come together for a right good wishlist powwow. Despite being overlooked in favour of the staggering wealth Ultimate Team provides to EA's rather healthy coffers, Career Mode remains FIFA's most cherished feature, and people yearn for the glory days to come back again.

Will they? Maybe. FIFA 21 did take several steps in the right direction, and the arrival of that tasty next-gen update on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S definitely made Career more aesthetically pleasing to plough through. Now, EA's next challenge is to heap yet more love on the beloved mode and turn FIFA 22's managerial suite into something everybody can be proud of.

They've got some improvements to make across the board before that happens, and fans demand more than simple presentation tweaks. Here's everything the developers can do to stave off more "#FixCareerMode" trends on Twitter and give FIFA's fanbase the product it deserves.

Time to dream.

10. Experience Templates

EA Sports

EA will probably furnish the 'Create-A-Manager' feature with some more bells and whistles. Expect new hairstyles, tattoo options (y'know, just to p*ss off Alex Ferguson), clothing choices and more. Being honest, it should be totally possible to clad your gaffer in a pink tutu by this point.

Especially if he/she is getting negative press anyway.

Football Manager allows players to pick an experience template for their new boss. Maybe they used to be a global star of the game like Zidane? Or, perhaps they plied their trade for FC Nobody in the 19th tier of the English game, and didn't get much further due to a niggling injury that cut their career short.

That's the kind of thing FIFA 22 needs; EA must realise that they could totally open up the game world by handing gamers some purpose-built lore. No two managers have exactly the same story to tell anyway, so it'd make sense to reflect that in-game.

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