FIFA Ultimate Team 14: 8 Most Crazily Overpowered Strikers

If these are on the pitch, you day's going to get unfairly ruined.

Honourable FIFA Ultimate Team players will spend a great deal of time devising an original, well-balanced team which caters to their personal play-style. Though you hopefully wouldn€™t go as far as to frame a print out of your beloved squad, this painstakingly created group of players will be your pride and joy. Whatever challenge an opposition€™s team throws at you, your team should be so versatile that it can adapt to the situation and act accordingly to secure those all-important 3-points. However, no matter how talented a FUT manager you are, there exists a handful of players on the game so overpowered that they can instantly reduce all your hard work to ruins. Though obviously these unnaturally skilled players unfortunately exist in all positions, the vast majority of them occupy the role of the striker. Strikers are clearly the most dangerous players generally speaking so it makes sense this should be the position which plays host to these crazily potent players. Whether its through their blistering speed, painfully dangerous aerial abilities (a common feature on this list), insane dribbling skills or a combination of all of these, these forwards posses attributes which makes it far too easy for them to score. The opposition's striker is the player most likely to cause us to hurl our controller at the wall, burst into expletives and rage quit from the game so when the striker happens to be one of the handful of dubiously overpowered forwards, it makes it all the more frustrating. No matter what you do, these super-forwards will likely punish you at several stages during the 90 minutes. They don€™t even have the highest player ratings in the game €“ they just happen to have high stats in all the areas that make a player overpowered. The fact that their rating isn€™t the highest is another source of frustration €“ often this drives down the player€™s value which in turn makes them more affordable to the masses of unexperienced FIFA novices who don€™t know any better€ It€™s a vicious circle. Here are the 8 most overpowered strikers on FIFA 14:
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