FIFA Ultimate Team: Ranking Every Year From Worst To Best

What iteration of Ultimate Team is the best ?


EA's Sports' FIFA has long been a successful franchise, however, this success took a whole new level after they added a new game mode - Ultimate Team.

At first, the game mode was added as a paid DLC mid-way through FIFA 09, but since then, it has gained huge popularity and has been released every year after, earning EA an estimated $650 million dollars every year.

It's never quite been a perfect game though, and it would be fair to say though, that some Ultimate Teams have been better than others for a variety of reasons...

12. FIFA 09

As mentioned, Ultimate Team was first released as part of an add-on DLC in 2009. This wasn't necessarily bad but it's safe to say the game-mode was nowhere near as detailed (or popular) as it would become.

Despite this, many things weren't too different as they are now. Chemistry, fitness, training cards and contracts were all in the game. However many things weren't the same and although you could compete online, there were no seasons, only friendlies.

This game may rank at the bottom of the list but it was only a precursor for what future Ultimate Teams would have in store.


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