Final Fantasy XIII-2 Characters Model Prada's New Collection

Characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 to model for Prada's new men's collection.

The Final Fantasy series is known for many things; expansive storylines, huge worlds, impending peril, and a certainly original sense of fashion. In recent times this has led to collaborations, such as costumes from the Assassin€™s Creed and Mass Effect lines being available in the recent release of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Now it seems they are going a step further. As seen on Siliconera, A few characters from the FFXIII-2 universe will be modelling€ for Prada. It has been revealed that the CG studio behind the game€™s cinematics, Visual Works, made the models for the €˜photo shoot€™, who will be sporting Prada€™s Men€™s Spring and Summer 2012 collection. Producer of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Yoshinori Kitase, had the following to say on the project:
"The Final Fantasy series is known for its creativity and innovation; so working with Prada, a renowned fashion house with such beautiful clothing, was a very exciting opportunity. The images we have been able to create together are vibrant and unique,"
The images will make an appearance in men€™s fashion magazine Arena Homme + as part of a 12 page feature. The April 12 issue will feature Lightning, Snow, Sazh, Noel and Hope modelling the collection. I find the news interesting, though of all games I think the FF series would be one able to pull it off simply because they already have the stunning visuals in place. Who knows where this could lead for game tie-ins, if it leads anywhere at all. Are we going to see Prada costumes as DLC in FFXIII-2? Maybe not, though you never know. Below you can check out a selection of the images that have been released.

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