Final WWE 2K19 Trailer Released

"Never Say Never"

The final commercial for 2K Games' upcoming WWE 2K19 has been released on the company's official YouTube channel, and it's pretty slick stuff.

The trailer begins with pre-order superstar Ronda Rousey entering the set of Piper's Pit, as a picture of the late Rowdy Roddy looks on from the corner. We also see Charlotte emerge from the painting of her Dorian Grey-esque father, The Miz swing a CRT telly around like a massive conker, and Asuka bleed The Great Kabuki's green mist from her eyes.

Second pre-order bonus Rey Mysterio also features, shadow-stepping like a ninja turtle into a group of five luchadors. This is technically his first official appearance for the company since The Greatest Royal Rumble.


The trailer ends with a shot of cover star AJ Styles, with his face from 2001 projected onto his chest (no - it's not a TNA image), and the slogan "Never Say Never." The game is set for wide release next Tuesday, 9 October.

One interesting thing we learned about the game this week is that the Natural Disasters, Earthquake and Typhoon, were originally set to be included in the game. There are traces of their presence in 2K19's Create a Wrestler suite, which retains their entrance, but has it hilariously renamed as 'Extreme Weather Conditions'.

2K Games/The 101

Top stuff, that.

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