First Details From Konami On Next Metal Gear Solid Project

It's exactly what we knew it would be.

After Konami went ahead and licensed a Silent Hill-themed pachinko gambling machine, it was only a matter of time before they started porting across every last one of their beloved franchises. As such, thanks to a patent that's been filed, Kotaku are reporting Metal Gear Solid is next on the production line. Not only is the name 'Metal Gear' trademarked, but 'Big Boss' is in there too - meaning there's a 99% chance we're getting a big ol' soulless Pachinko machine with Big Boss' mug slapped on the front. Kotaku have translated part of the patent from its original Japanese source, noting that it "covers video games, board games, smartphone games, medal games, slot machines, pachinko machines, etc." Essentially, this is going to mean more Metal Gear games on the way in a far more consistent manner than when Hideo Kojima was at the helm. Instead, expect to see a slew of mobile titles in the vein of Metal Gear Solid Mobile, except this time they'll be loaded down with micro-transactions. Konami have been relentless in their pursuit of mobile gaming over the triple-A scene, rebranding Kojima Studios as Konami L.A., shutting down production on the hugely anticipated Silent Hills, bringing out a Silent Hill pachinko machine - and now this. What do you make of Konami's treatment of the MGS franchise, and would you buy another mobile-only version of the game?
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