First WWE 2K22 Wrestler Rating Revealed

Bobby Lashley's rating for the upcoming WWE 2K22 game has been leaked.

WWE 2K22 Bobby Lashley
2K Games/WWE

2K Games has announced the very first rating for WWE 2K22.

Bobby Lashley appeared in a short video on the developer's official Twitter account to reveal his character's overall score. As pictured above, it's 91. That's a five-point increase from Lashley's 86 overall in 2K20, which isn't really too surprising.

Since that game was released in late-2019, Bobby has enjoyed a 196-day reign as WWE Champion and become part of the glue that holds Raw's main event scene together. 2K rewarded his graft by ramping up the score. In the video, Lashley said that he asked them to make his score "one thousand", but that they "couldn't do that".


The short vid was reminiscent of those short promos WCW stars cut in games like Nitro and Thunder on PS1 - those are fondly remembered by older gamers, so it's cool that 2K are mimicking them here (even if it's unintentional). Here's hoping they keep revealing roster scores this way right up until the game's release this March.

Lashley scoring 91 also means that workers like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will probably be in the mid-90s range too.

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