Football Manager 2013: 10 Extremely Under Rated Premier League Players

my previous article pointing at players who in my humble opinion had be over rated for whatever reason, I'm now going to outline ten players who ply their trade in the English Premier League who I feel had a raw deal from the SI Games scouts. I'll try to cover a variety of positions and teams rather then just the more prominent clubs and try to look at a variety of reasons why they have been under rated. I'll look at form from previous seasons, if they have joined a new club and our playing out of position or if they are simply poorly rated through some form of technical hitch. So without further ado here's my list of ten under rated players, enjoy!

10. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal)

Young Ox had great a successful 2011-2012 season, breaking into the Arsenal first team and featuring to good effect for England. His energy, flair and movement are very good and he's equally potent on either flank or in the middle of the park. Maybe it's because he hasn't consistently proved himself over a period of time, but I do feel his stats are on the low side. His passing and work rate are quite low, considering his good link up play and his often tireless performances for both club and country. Also the term 'Feed the Ox and he will score' was coined by some goal scoring prowess for Southampton in his 2nd senior year for them, but again these stats are a trifle low. Fingers crossed that with age on his side his development in game will soon bolster the stats he's been given.

9. Shay Given (Aston Villa)

This Irishman was a quality part of the Man City set up for some while, keeping at bay England's current number one Joe Hart. His command of the area, his loud vocal skills and overall presence in the box were big elements of his goalkeeping repertoire. Sadly these are all very very low, stat wise in game, which surprises me greatly considering he's had solid season after solid season in the Prem. Command of the area being 9 is really a shot in the dark and does him a great dis-service, though he is rated fairly elsewhere. At £250k he'd still be a good addition to a squad wanting an experienced back up a la Man Utd.

Arsenal fan of 20yrs+, theatre company owner, gaming geek and avid Pokemon Go master! Based in Northants, I'll always try to give my own brand of unbiased thoughts and feelings!