Football Manager 2016: 20 Left Backs You Need To Sign

Build from the back.

The left-back position is the most under-valued on the field (on par with right-back...) yet if used correctly, a pair of top full backs can be the difference between your team being 'good' and 'great'. You may be a defensive manager coveting a 10ft tall rearguard, but the purpose of a full-back is shifting into a new age of using them as secondary wingers. Tackling, strength, anticipation, positioning, marking are all important things to keep an eye on, but in today's world, pace, stamina, crossing and dribbling are all sought-after. Here we have a definitive list of the top left backs you can hope to buy on Football Manager 2016. Some of the obvious or completely unrealistic stars such as David Alaba, Jordi Alba, and Marcelo won't feature. You already know they're world class. However, you will find young wonderkids, bargain pickups and hidden superstars for your top league teams...

20. Luke Shaw

If we're basing this on current and potential ability, Luke Shaw would rank a lot higher on the list. The Manchester United defender will rank incredibly highly on the game in just a couple of seasons, but he's nigh on impossible to snap up thanks to his £100k p/w+ deal. The 19-year-old has everything you want from a top left back, with a particular emphasis on his physical stats. His explosive pace and acceleration and complimented with stamina which will ensure that he's bombing up and down your wing for 90 minutes every game with relative ease.

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