Football Manager 2016 Mobile: 20 Essential Signings You Must Make

The wonder kids, goalscorers and must-haves from this year’s addictive sim…

It's always around the end of the year that a certain type of football gamer turns into a walking encyclopedia of Brazilian wonderkids, obscure transfer release clauses and the global free transfer market. That's all thanks to the rise of the Football Manager behemoth, which has now grown to include three different versions. The smallest offering this year comes in the shape of Football Manager Mobile 2016, a pared down but typically slick version of the sim for phones that hits all the same notes as its bigger brothers. It comes with a more affordable price point too, and while you won't get the same level of complexity, the immersion and the potential for addiction are in no way compromised. In that respect, the same need for a grasp of the best signings, biggest bargains and affordable wonderkids exists among players, and every chance to find out where you need to be looking for those transfers should be welcomed. Luckily, the hard work's already been done...

20. Doria

Position: DC Club: Marseille Value: £5m Price: £14m The Brazilian centre-half isn't available right at the start of the game, thanks to an annoying loan to Granada from Marseille, but the French side will still consider offers. You'll likely be quoted upwards of £20m, but Marseille don't stick to their guns - particularly if you're a Champions League club and the player gets frustrated at not being allowed to talk about a move. £14m is a more realistic figure, and for that, his stats are outrageous for a 20-year-old. Particularly when he improves rapidly within a couple of years.

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