Football Manager 2020: 10 Challenging Teams You Must Consider Managing

Tired of winning the league every year? Try out these teams to see if you can bring them glory!


If there's one thing Football Manager does better than any other game, it's allowing players to challenge themselves in unique ways. Forget about the standard easy, medium and hard modes that developers usually give gamers. Sports Interactive provides you with an entire database filled with clubs who have a variety of different challenges every season.

While it's obviously easier to manage mega-rich teams like Manchester City, Real Madrid, Barcelona or Paris Saint Germain, there's something just a little bit too easy about that. Though it's fun to power through the opposition, it actually takes away from the real charm of the game, which is finding a team with a number of flaws and slowly eradicating those problems so you can turn them into one of the world's finest squads. It's not easy, but it's certainly the most satisfying way to play.

We've gone through the various leagues, done a number of test saves with some of the most limited squads and found which ones would provide the most exhilarating test. From former European giants who have underachieved to broke clubs where you'll need to find free agents to help get your squad out of an inevitable relegation battle, these teams are for the true FM veterans.

If you think you've put in the hours it takes to become an exceptional Football Manager boss, and really want to test your skills, try giving one of these teams a go.


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