Football Manager 2021: 10 Wonderkids You Must Sign

Put together the perfect Football Manager 2021 team with this squad of wonderkids...

Football Manager 2021

There are two types of Football Manager gaffers.

Some enjoy going the best teams in the land from the off. Those cash-rich bosses lavish huge wages on their stars and gobble up the best strikers so they can effectively play four up front regardless of the opposition's skill. Others can spend hours hunting for the best bargains out there and nurturing young talents into world beaters.

If you're the latter, then this is the treasure trove you've been waiting for. It's a collection of young wonderkids that suit all budgets. First though, some ground rules.

Footy Manager 2021's transfer negotiations system can be daunting and arduous to navigate, so this list keeps things relatively simple. There are no players valued at higher than £10m, and none of them are allowed to be older than 20 - this, perhaps sadly, rules out promising net bursters like Man Utd's Mason Greenwood (18, but valued at £30m) and go-to stoppers like Milan's Gianluigi Donnarumma (21 and valued at £21.5m).

There are literally thousands of players on the market, and it can be a tad overwhelming to decide how you'll set about the task of collating a rounded squad. So, with that in mind, the final rule is that this list only features one player for each position.

Ready, set, BUY!


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