Football Manager 2022: 10 Wonderkids You Must Sign

8. Noni Madueke

football manager must buy
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Position(s): AM(RLC), M(RL)
Nationality: ENG
Club: PSV
Age: 19

Another English player, albeit one who plies their trade further up the field, Noni Madueke has broken into the first team at PSV Eindhoven and has received a nice boost to his Football Manager rating as a result. Recently tipped for a move back to English Football it won’t be long before a bigger club snaps him up and that will likely be the same in your Football Manager save too.

With a Current Ability of 139 and Potential Ability range of 150 - 170, Madueke is a player that can play a role for most top-flight clubs from day one. You will need to pony up the cash though if you are to bring Madueke to your club as PSV are not going to roll over easily and a fee of around £30million is likely going to be the starting point. It will be worth it in the long-run though as he can excel in any position across the front of your attack for years to come.


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