For Honor: 10 Gameplay Features Ubisoft Didn't Tell You About

You know it's combat-focused, but what else?

For Honor

For many, Valentine's Day is about romance, chocolates and apologising for a year of mistakes. For the rest of us - in 2017, at least - it's the day three legendary warring cultures collide, and the bloodiest battle between history's greatest warriors begins.

Ubisoft release For Honor on February 14th and, following the recent closed and open betas, the game is set to deliver the intense and tactical battle system deserving of these momentous soldiers.

For a title with big expectations though, For Honor hasn't had the sort of publicity one might expect. Fortunately, the beta has re-ignited the hype just before release, and with the promise of a fully realised single player campaign and a multitude of online modes, the reactionary, realistic medieval combat promises to test your swordsmanship in brutal but beautifully realised battlefields.

Secure your armour and steady your sword. Battle is about to commence.

10. Five Multiplayer Modes

For Honor

For Honor will feature five different multiplayer modes, although they are all variations on either death match or zone capture games.

Dominion is a 4 v 4 control point battle match, where teams fight to hold various zones of the map. The battlefield is populated with AI soldiers, but they are weak, mostly being there to give you a sense of dominance - so easily are they thrown around like useless rag dolls. There are points to be won from killing your opponents, but the majority of the victory comes from capturing and defending these zones, so don't get too carried away in a skirmish.

Brawl is a 2 v 2 elimination mode where it's one life each and last team standing. There is also a 4 v 4 equivalent. Duel sees players matched up in single combat, where weapon choice and reactions really make the difference.

Finally there is Skirmish mode, which is 4 v 4 deathmatch that reverts to the tried and tested score tactic where most kills wins.

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