Forza Horizon 4: 10 Best Value-For-Money Cars You Must Buy

10. BMW M5 (1995)

Turn 10

Let's kick this list off with a beemer. This M5 may be from 1995, but it still has the classic BMW design, outstanding launch speeds, and comes in a lovely... Red?

Colour aside, the car looks really nice with Forza Horizon 4's stunning HD graphics. And, if it helps, you can pretend you're a 90s cop or something. They all drive BMWs, right?

From the outset, this car looks like it's going to be pretty good. And that's true. The only reason it's so cheap is that it's from 1995, but that German engineering (and the fact that nobody has actually been driving it for those 24 years - making it essentially brand new) means it deserves to be higher up this list than it is. But the numbers don't lie.

Its power is impressive, packing 342 horses' worth under that gleaming bonnet, the second highest amount of any car on this list, despite its relatively low Performance Index of 634. The catch is that the M5 is a thicc boi. Far and away the heaviest car of our top ten, the horsepower means that it doesn't lose out on speed, but the handling suffers.

But hey, if you fancy spending a meagre 25,000 credits on a classy saloon car that will serve you well, it doesn't get better than this.


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