Fruit Ninja Tie-In Merchandise Invading Stores

Halfbrick is ready to push Fruit Ninja merchandise all across the globe. With the success of Angry Birds, who can really blame them?

When Fruit Ninja first arrived on the iTunes App Store in 2010, it followed the raving Angry Birds phenomenon and topped sales charts for more than 80 countries. With over 25 million players daily, Fruit Ninja acquired more than 20 million downloads in under 13 months. This effectively put in the top 10 most downloaded iPhone games to ever be released. Currently there have been over 1.3 trillion fruit decimated with ninja precision, and now crowns the game with over 300 million downloads for iPhone, iPad, and Android. While surpassing Angry Birds seems to be a near impossible task, what Halfbrick has achieved with Fruit Ninja is certainly an impressive achievement in and of itself. Since recognizing the phenomenal success of their fruit slicing masterpiece, Halfbrick, recently announced that it will be partnering with several leading international consumer product companies in order to bring a wide range of Fruit Ninja products to fans all across the globe. HAP Consulting will be brokering Halfbrick in their ongoing merchandise adventures. In addition to HAP, Halfbrick has also signed EMCI/Empire (Asia) and LDI (Israel) to expand the brand to foreign territories. Below are the Fruit Ninja international licensee partners: Europe: Play by Play Toys & Novelties: Amusement plush and novelty toys Poetic Gem: Augmented reality apparel AsiaShenzhen Vicky Technology & Trade Co.: Mouse pads, hard disks, LED/USB desk lamps, wallets, coffee mugs and more Letao: Shoes Nokia: Cases, covers, charms and wire collectors Fruit Ninja is about to make a push across the globe, and who can really blame them? Shainiel Deo, the CEO of Halfbrick released this comment following the announcement of their new merchandising push:
"Since Fruit Ninja is already an international phenomenon, we thought it was crucial to expand the brand's reach and engage our fruit-slicing fanatics around the world. We have handpicked some of the best consumer product companies in the international marketplace and look forward to unveiling our line-up to old and new fans."
Fruit Ninja is available now for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. If you still own a Kinect, by some miracle of gaming fate, be sure to check it out on XBLA.
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