FUT 20: The Best Players In Every Position

As FIFA 20's Ultimate Team wraps up, what's the best possible team you could've built this year?

EA Sports

FIFA 20 has been a rough year for the FUT community. Despite this year's instalment in the long-running franchise promising to move away from the lows of FIFA 19 it seems as though the game has sunk further and further. EA has made a variety of moves this year which have helped to ruin any goodwill they still had with players, such as making virtually all packs from SBCs untradable, removing a key source of coins for many, while continuing to press on with their dismal rewards structure for Division Rivals and FUT Champs.

However, if there's one thing EA has done right this year it is that they have kept a steady stream of exciting cards for players to use. The wide range of promos has gone a long way to keeping the game engaging all year long, and will hopefully continue next year.

Therefore, with virtually every major player in the game that will come out now released, which players (minus Icons, as they would have been too obvious) stand out as the very best options in each position?

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