Gamescom 2019: 10 Announcements That Would BREAK The Internet

Death Stranding is no longer a PS4 exclusive...

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In case you missed it in amongst all the Mario Makers, Fire Emblems and Assassin's Creed DLC that made up Summer 2019, Germany's iconic Gamescom festival is fast becoming the place to debut new gameplay and exclusive trailers.

Where in 2018 it had the benefit of showcasing gameplay for titles teased at E3 months prior, this year none-other than Geoff Keighley is hosting "Opening Night Live", Gamescom's first "E3-level" livestream, where scores of top-tier publishers and developers will be in attendance.

We're promised everything from new Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay to a brand new IP from Sega, and yet... Gamescom never used to have this sort of weight.

It's great to see, and any excuse for more E3-levels of hype and gaming are certainly welcome by me. There's a certain "communal" atmosphere to mass livestreams and public interaction, and it's only made better by out-of-nowhere reveals.

So, under the assumption that Gamescom will want to turn heads, and plenty of devs have a ton of projects to show off, what are the absolute best things you want to see at the show?

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