GameStop To Sell Steam Vouchers Next Week

GameStop to sell Steam gift cards.

In one of the strangest business deals in the video game industry ever GameStop will start selling vouchers for the largest digital distribution service in the world, Steam. Why is this weird, well GameStop actually has their own PC digital distribution service called Impulse so this would be a little awkward. In other words, this business deal will likely signify the end of GameStop's own digital distribution service. However, GameStop has moved recently into digital distribution in all other forms of gaming entertainment, for example you can actually purchase the PSN exclusive Journey through their website. Not to mention this is a little different for Valve and Steam considering Steam really doesn't need the extra money so it almost seems like they are helping GameStop in this instance more than they are helping themselves. GameStop is going to take a percentage of the money from the cards sold so I have to question why Valve is doing this; the only thing I can come up with is Steam might to tap into people who don't want to use their credit cards online. According to the rumor the cards will go on sale next week on May 15, neither GameStop or Steam has released a statement on the issue at this time. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a popular seller like iTunes cards are for Apple; what do think will this crazy business venture work out for both sides?

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