10 Greatest Second-Bananas In Gaming

10. Tails - Sonic The Hedgehog

What else can be said about Tails that hasn€™t been said already? He€™s Sonic the Hedgehog€™s faithful sidekick, forever doomed to die. And die. And die. In all seriousness, Miles €œTails€ Prower is one of the most iconic sidekicks in video game history. Like Mario and Luigi, the sight of Sonic the Hedgehog and his buddy Tails together is just gaming bread and butter. You don€™t typically see one without the other. Perhaps the most memorable thing about Tails is that he faithfully follows Sonic, with complete disregard for anything that happens to him. Tails frequently gets left behind, falls to his death, can drown, can be blown sky high and can even be exploited to deal extra damage to the boss. Unfortunately, aside from copying Sonic€™s jump attack and occasionally air-lifting him to an unreachable platform, Tails really doesn€™t bring anything else to the table, which is both why he€™s on the list and why he€™s not any higher. As remarkable as his dedication to his hero is, the next nine characters all take it a step further.
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