Gears of War 3: Forces of Nature DLC Announced

Make sure to mark your calendar for March 27th...

On March 27th, you're going to be able to visit 5 new Gears of War 3 maps being affected by forces of nature, such as snowstorms and tsunamis. You will be able to gain access to seven new weapon skins. Two of them were inspired by none other than the Gears community themselves and require a little extra work to unlock. Luckily for all you achievement hoarders, you also get an additional 250 points to unlock. The elemental cleavers are being implemented in what appear to only be available while playing Horde. The limited weapons will appear during the beginning of a map before the match starts. With effects such as surges of electricity, and igniting enemies on fire, these should offer some great entertainment when eliminating the locust. Aftermath is a map sitting in the aftermath of a tsunami. With gameplay being affected by both flooding and earthquakes, expect some interesting fights to occur as you scream for your life that you don't fall into the water below. Artillery brings you into the heart of the storm, as gameplay becomes affected by a gigantic storm that will develop in the background. As it grows closer, a tornado touches down decreasing visibility, and increasing the possibility of those cool ranch Dorito bags that surround you to fly in your face as you get shotgunned in half. Cove takes you to a small port town surrounded by a thick coat of fog. Designed for open combat, expect lots of headshot attempts, and please avoid fishing puns. Example, "Something smells fishy here", or "Like shooting fish in a barrel." Raven Down brings the smallest ever map in the Gears franchise back, and this time it's a winter wonderland. I bet you can't guess what elemental force is at work in this one...yep, a blizzard. Occasionally throughout the fight a snowstorm kicks up, which limits your view to a few meters in front of you. Those big, lumbering figures in the distance...they aren't snowmen. Jacinto rounds out the new content by revisiting the concept of destroyed beauty. Flooded with imulsion and toxic fumes, you will have to fight your way through the affected area while dealing with an unpredictable downpour of rain. Blocking your vision, make sure you don't stumble into the imulsion, or you might turn into this guy, Make sure to mark your calendar for March 27th, it will be available for download for 800 points, or free for those with the season pass. Kudos to GT.TV for breaking the news.

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