Gears of War Prequel Game Teased For E3?

Next Gears of War game a prequel?

Game Informer magazine has teased the next iteration of the Gears of War franchise with the image above that could be our first look at what could either be a prequel or sequel. The game will apparently be shown off at E3 next week during the Microsoft press conference. The image above shows a mysterious person being led away in hand cuffs with locus flying around in the background. The image seems to indicate the game may be a prequel to the franchise as the (spoilers) first Gears of War game started with Marcus Fenix in prison for something he did during the Battle of Ephyra. No other major details about the game have been released, we don't even know the official name of the game yet. Like I said before, Microsoft will supposedly show off this new Gears of War game next week, my only concern is, will this be Gears of War overload. This will be the third straight year I believe that Microsoft will have shown off a Gears of War game at E3. I have been supportive of Microsoft in the past but this is getting ridiculous, they need more first party exclusives; running the Gears of War franchise out to E3 every year is not healthy for the company or the games industry. Unless of course this Gears of War game will be released as a launch title for the next generation Xbox, but otherwise it is a little over the top considering it has been less than a year since Gears of War 3 was released.

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