Gears Of War: Ranking EVERY Character From Worst To Best

Old versus new and everyone in between.


Since 2006, Gear of War has pretty much been a mainstay for so many players on the Xbox side of the gaming sphere, but now thanks to Gears 5 even PC players can once again get involved.

Gears 5 has also been a reminder of just how such a large roster of characters has assembled over the series' 13 year history. From poster boy Marcus Fenix, all the way down to the Carmine family, each character feels somewhat fleshed out and human.

Unlike a vast number of the biggest video game franchises out there - say Halo, for example - Gears has retained a diverse colourful cast over the years. Even with the hiccup that was Gears of War 4, developers The Coalition have made up for it with Gears 5, finally doing the new generation of heroes and villains justice.

So, who is the most memorable, most fleshed out or just downright coolest of the bunch?

Let us know your own picks for the best and worst of what Gears has to offer in the comments below!

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