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Ghost of Tsushima - the next console exclusive to grace the PlayStation 4 after The Last of Us 2 releases at the end of this month - received a new preview yesterday in a State of Play event, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Sucker Punch - the studio behind the new samurai action-adventure title - finally peeled back the curtain on several aspects of their upcoming release, focusing on exploration, combat, customisation and presentation. It was by far the most in-depth look we've seen of Tsushima yet, and it revealed quite a bit about the title's gameplay.

To start with, SP revealed that Tsushima will have barely any UI elements as players navigate the open world. Yes, there's a great big stonking map for players to gather their bearings, but for the most part, they'll have to rely on environmental cues to get around. It's a great change of pace compared to most other open world titles, and will no doubt go someway in further immersing the player in the game's Feudal Japanese setting.


Next up was combat, which has been split into two different play-styles. Players can choose to pursue the more honourable path as a samurai, confronting enemies head on in heavy armour, or they can choose to walk a different path, utilising stealth and deception to get the drop on their opponents. It seems as though the game will steer you towards the latter option, as the more protagonist Jin develops the 'Legend of the Ghost', the more the Mongol invaders will fear him and try to flee.

Sucker Punch also revealed a BUNCH of other features, including a perk system where Jin collects charms; customisation elements, with players able to dye their clothes and wear lighter or heavier armour depending on their play-style; and even the ability to play the entire game with subtitles and a Japanese dub - plus a nifty little feature that puts a black-and-white film-grain filter over everything to make Tsushima resemble a classic samurai film, as opposed to just a current-gen marvel.


It's all shaping up rather nicely, and the best part? There's still a ton we don't know about the game, ensuring there'll be plenty of surprises left in store for when it releases in two months' time...



What did you think of Ghost of Tsushima's big gameplay reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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