Ghostlight to release JRPG PSP Double Pack to PSN

Ghostlight have announced a JRPG double pack to be released on PSN

Ghostlight, who have brought many JRPGs to Europe in the past, have announced today that their PSP double pack of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and Trails in the Sky, will be now be available on PSN from Wednesday the 14th December. The double pack, named Trails of Innocence, will be priced at ‚59.99 (£47.99); giving you a saving of ‚10.00 (£7.99) compared to if you buy them separately. Of course if you want one game and not the other then both games will be available on PSN priced at ‚34.99/£27.99 each. Both games offer different takes on the genre. Trails in the Sky is a more traditional JRPG in setting from Nihon Falcom:
Estelle Bright and her adopted brother Joshua set out on a long pilgrimage to become Bracers, sworn to uphold justice and peace in the land. But when a dark plot threatens to rekindle the sparks of war, their journey becomes an epic quest to protect Queen, country and honour.
In contrast Persona 2: Innocent Sin, made by the folks at Atlus, holds a more modern setting:
In Sumaru City, idle rumours are having a concrete effect on reality. The mysterious Joker seems to be at the centre of it all, but to what end? Delve into the web of rumours slowly encompassing the city before the madness becomes irreversible.
No matter what you like in your RPGs, there is sure to be something in either of these titles that will appeal. Both games, separately and part of the double pack, are available on PSN from Wednesday.
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