God Of War: 8 Weirdest Enemies (And What They Represent)

From Hel to high water, you'll face plenty of strange beasts...

SIE Santa Monica Studio

God of War has one of the most beautifully rendered gaming worlds there on the market. From the glittering waters of the Lake of the Nine to the perilous peaks of the highest mountain, in just Midgard alone players are faced with expansive, detailed scenery that truly makes it feel like we're living in a carefully-written tale of Norse mythology.

And whilst glorious landscapes and gruff heroes are all part and parcel of a grand story, it wouldn't be anything without the terrifying monsters that lie in wait around the edges.

Picked straight from old legends, the undead hoards and giant scaly creatures that cross Kratos's path are some of the most interesting parts of the game, both good for practising combo moves on and brushing up on your old world knowledge of Norse beasties.

But what do they actually represent? We have the scribblings of Atreus in his journal, but there's thousands of years of interpretations to work through to understand how the developers settled on these portrayals of a mythic past.

Taking historical leanings and artistic license hand in hand then, looking deeper at the enemies of God of War reveals they're more than simple axe-fodder...

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