Gotham Knights: 7 Major Changes From The Arkham Series

WB Montreal's new Batman game is leaving the Arkham series behind.

Gotham Knights Batcycle
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

After being teased officially teased almost a year ago by WB Montreal, Gotham Knights is finally here with a brand new trailer and an eight-minute-long gameplay demo.

The DC FanDome event has brought us our first look at the long-awaited project from WB Montreal. Gotham Knights marks the second Batman-related title developed by Montreal, however, this time the studio has had much longer to prepare for it.

Just over a week ago, WB Montreal started to tease the title through the ‘r3dakt3d’ website which gave us some cryptic screenshots of what seemed to be an in-game map. We now know this to be a snippet of the exciting open-world of Gotham Knights.

In a surprising twist, gamers will not be taking control over the titular Bruce Wayne but rather several members of the Bat Family including Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood.

Now that Batman and Commissioner Gordon are gone, players will need to work together to stop what comes next for Gotham City.

With the official trailer covering loads of awesome story details and an eight-minute deep dive into some pre-alpha gameplay, here are all the things you may have missed during DC FanDome’s Gotham Knights reveal.

7. Not An Arkham Game

Gotham Knights Batcycle
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The first and most shocking revelation is that this title is not linked to the previous Arkham games released by WB and Rocksteady.

Initially, the trailer opens up with sirens and news reporters talking about an explosion at Wayne Manor with the discovery of a body seemingly belonging to Bruce Wayne. All signs seemed to point towards the ending of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight, where a similar situation occurred.

The camera then cuts to several members of the Bat Family discovering the news and we get our first looks at Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, and Tim Drake.

Not only is this 100% not the Tim and Barbara that were introduced in the Arkham franchise but Jason Todd is more accurate to his earlier comic book depiction, with a white streak and all.

We also learn that not only is Batman gone but so is Commissioner Gordon. Old Jim seems to have passed away some time before the events of the game as it is mentioned by Bruce in his broadcast to the Bat Family.

The Jim Gordon of the Arkhamverse survived the events of the game and eventually went on to see his daughter, Barbara, marry Tim Drake.


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