Gotham Knights: 8 Bat Family Heroes WB Montreal Should Add

7. Azrael

Batwoman Gotham Knights
DC Comics

With so many long time fans of the Arkham series finally getting the chance to play as Azrael in Arkham Knight, it would be a shame to not include him in Gotham Knights.

Azrael has been a major character in Detective Comics since the nineties, where the first Azrael, Jean-Paul Valley, took on the mantle of Batman during the events of Knightfall.

The first attempt at making Azrael Batman didn't play out so well in the Knightfall though, as Jean-Paul's brutal approach to fighting crime put himself at odds with Gotham and the rest of the Bat Family in particular.

Whether Montreal went with Valley or the newer Azrael, Michael Lane, Gotham Knights would present the chance to stick this fiery sword-wielding crusader back into the limelight.

With all of the fancy new particle effects showcased in the gameplay demo, it would be amazing to see Azrael's sword in action on next-gen.


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