Gran Turismo 7: 7 Things Fans Want To See

Entering the racing game scene like Pastor Maldonado on the first corner.


With 5.6 million views, the official announcement for Gran Turismo 7 has 4 times as many eyes on as Gran Turismo Sport's trailer. With internet forums ablaze, it is clear to see that fans of the series want a return to the formula seen in older games.

Gran Turismo is synonymous with the PlayStation brand and will be one of the PS5's flagship titles. Sporting immense power, the console promises to be the platform Kazinori Yamauchi has always dreamed of.

GT will no longer be held back by hardware limitations, something Yamauchi has always been vocal about when speaking of obstacles faced by the development team.

The announcement trailer has already shown off spectacular visuals, an interesting mix of cars and a return to some familiar stomping grounds. Of all we've seen, the familiarity of the home screen is what proves to be the most interesting point. To say it is GT 4-like is a huge understatement, and since GT 4 is seen as the peak of the series, this is a more than welcome return to form.

With GT 5 and 6 being somewhat underwhelming, and GT Sport not viewed as a "traditional" GT title, a lot falls on GT 7's shoulders. The recipe for success, however, doesn't seem too complicated if what fans are saying is anything to go by.


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