Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Gameplay Looks STUNNING

The wait for a true sequel is nearly over.

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After going nearly an entire generation without a new numbered instalment, Sony revealed Gran Turismo 7 at their PS5 event earlier this week. The long-awaited sequel follows the PS4's Gran Turismo sport, which has been moulded into a truly great racing experience since its launch a few years ago.

Giving fans the first look at the title in action, a sizzle reel of in-game footage highlighted the sequel's stunning presentation, before jumping directly into the driver's seat and offering a real-time slice of gameplay.

As Sony's premier racing title, Gran Turismo has always set the graphical benchmark for games across all of the company's consoles, and nothing seems to have changed on that regard.


With a ridiculous level of fidelity and a newfound sense of speed, GT7 is shaping up to be worth the wait.


There was no comment on any release date or what this means for updates to GT Sport, but expect to hear more from the sequel over the coming months.

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