Grand Theft Auto 5 Quiz: Who Said It - Michael, Trevor Or Franklin?

How well do you know GTA 5's three main protagonists?


Since 2013, gamers have explored and conquered Grand Theft Auto 5. With a vibrant Los Santos city and a troubled Sandy Shores on its outskirts, the record-breaking title has maintained exciting gameplay throughout its seven years on the shelves, largely thanks to some quality voice acting bringing the critically-acclaimed release to life.

An important part of the GTA 5's success is the creation of three protagonists, each with their own unique personalities. Whether at the helm of small-time gang-banger and criminal Franklin Clinton, retired-bank robber and career criminal Michael De Santa or the brutal drug dealing and weapon smuggling Trevor Philips, fans played through multiple experiences and mission types throughout these 69 story missions.

With an incredible amount of dialogue from the main characters and pedestrians encountered around the open world, it's no wonder a number of memorable quotes stand out. In this quiz, let's test how well you know the language and lines from the aggressive mouths of Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

1. "Do You Want Me To Get My D*ck Out Again?"

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