GTA V "Leak" Rumours Were False

Here's why yesterday's GTA V "leak" was obviously a fake...

Grand Theft Auto V, announced by game developer RockStar late last year, is presumably going to make a full reveal at this year's E3 convention at some point during the 5-7th June schedule, but so far RockStar have been lip-stitched about the game. Other than a teaser, also revealed late last year, fans of the franchise have had precious little material to sink their teeth into, and as such, any and every morsel has been hungrily gobbled up and shared around the internet. With any popular game franchise comes rumours, and in that grand tradition it has been rumoured that an early build of Grand Theft Auto V was leaked and sold through eBay, as supposedly "proven" by the three images below, containing a snap of the game disc / case and 2 blurry in-game shots. The disc shows an image used at the end of the reveal trailer. There isn't much evidence to proclaim this fake, though the following two images make it seem so. The first "in-game" image is simply an image created before the game was officially revealed. The logo on the supposed leaked image is the Grand Theft Auto IV logo made into the roman numeral V. The second "in-game" image is simply a modded map of, again, Grand Theft Auto IV. The character model and map location match that of Niko Belic's from the previous game. We deem the leak fake, though nothing is official without the word of game developer RockStar as of yet. As I stated before, with each million dollar gaming franchise will come rumors. The official reveal of Grand Theft Auto V is more then expected to appear next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. You can follow all of our Grand Theft Auto V coverage on our GTA V hubpage including screenshots, features and news.

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