GTA: 10 Best Secret Missions EVERYONE Missed

Hidden GTA tips & tricks! GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA V Online...

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Every now and then - amidst recognising that the Rockstar of today just aren't the same as the one I grew up with, or that of the 2000s - I remember just how unbelievably stellar their run has been.

Not to say it's "over", but with lead writer and massively important creative force Dan Houser leaving the company in 2020, it does make you gaze reflectively on everything he put together.

Because for as much as GTA has changed over the years; fleshing out its combat controls, driving physics and scriptwriting, the "meat" of the projects themselves became unfathomably huge.

By the time we hit San Andreas, everything from horse racing minigames to gambling at casinos, house robberies to customising cars was included, as Rockstar threw everything at the wall and made sure it stuck.

GTA was now larger than life, and as GTA 3 already felt like another dimension of possibilities in a fully-realised virtual city, it only encouraged you to explore every last corner, to get the most out of it.

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