GTA: 15 Insane Mods You Need To Check Out

Thought the whales mod was the craziest thing people have thought of?

When confronted with the age-old question of the most spectacularly insane thing they've ever done in a video game, many players will point to the Grand Theft Auto series as an example, recalling tales of their exploits across the vast expanses of GTA's sprawling landscapes. And why wouldn't they? With seemingly endless possibilities for wreaking havoc on a massive scale, there's a sidesplitting anecdote to follow up on every "This one time, I... " setup: with punchlines ranging from mercilessly thrashing random passers-by with an assortment of commonplace (and not so commonplace) objects such as walking canes and comically oversized 'adult novelty items' (critical hit to the morals) to playing fetch with live grenades. Couple that with the incredible selection of mods available from ridiculously talented coders, and the insanity is cranked up to 11. Whether you're looking to trick out your favorite set of wheels with enough weaponry to blow holes in Mt. Chiliad or simply want to shake things up with a fish-blasting cannon, there's a mod for whatever strikes your fancy. From new tweaks and additions in the form of re-skinned characters to massive overhauls giving you an entirely new way to play, and with mods trickling in for GTA V ever since it's PC release, there's no reason to settle for plain ol' vanilla if you don't want to. Murderous monkeys may be a fairly new addition to the world of GTA, but the modding community has been providing a steady stream of mind-blowing upgrades for the series over the years. With a veritable cornucopia of enhancements to choose from, there's never a dull day in the world of GTA.
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