GTA: 5 Reasons Rockstar's Crime Fest Will Have No Staying Power

GTA logo Its not quite been half a year, and already rumours are flying about a sequel to DMA Design's unsophisticated crime simulator Grand Theft Auto. The callow new computer game has all the hallmarks of a childish rush job, doing nothing but catering to the popular notion that video games are a puerile waste of time. They're not, of course, and we've recently seen some stunning releases in the form of games like horror masterpiece Resident Evil 2, the SEGA Saturn's epic RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga and eye-melting car porn Gran Turismo. The future of video gaming has plenty of promise, but here are our top 5 reasons why Grand Theft Auto definitely won't be a part of it.

5. The Average Critical Reception

GTA 1998 - 6 Although there is currently no reference website that pools reviews to work out an average score (though wouldn't that be a swell thing?), a quick look in five or six magazines is all that's required to to inform us that this game has not been well received. The game failed to set the critics hearts ablaze, and lingered in the 6 out of 10 zone in nearly every publication. One reviewer stated that it would "never win any awards", and it's impossible to disagree. This kind of thing can be massively important when considering sequels, and even if they did manage to polish the proverbial stool, would it be enough to win new fans over? No. No it wouldn't.

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