GTA 6: 10 Biggest Items On Fan Wishlists


Grand Theft Auto 6

Why do you play GTA?

Over-the-top set pieces full of blood and bullets, the freedom to explore a crime-soaked open world, deep characterisation that somehow makes horrible people relatable and the ability to exonerate oneself from mass murder simply by nipping home probably rank up there. If not, then it'll probably have something to do with GTA Online and sharing the experience with friends.

The thing is, as fun as GTA 5's gameplay undoubtedly still is almost six years on, Rockstar's fervent, hungry fanbase will always want more. Literally since those first moments scooting about Los Santos as Michael, Franklin and Trevor in 2013, people have been debating what GTA 6 might look like when the game finally launches. Everyone seems to be expecting a souped-up, slicker product all-round.

It doesn't take a genius to see what folks crave. A quick look online at gaming forums and on ever-trusty social media channels reveal busy threads and bags of fan wishlists, and they often incorporate everything from presentation quirks and the way combat works to actual mission structures and the GTA world itself...

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