GTA 6: 10 Specific Lessons It Must Learn From Recent Games

Get with the times, Rockstar.


GTAVI is coming! (Eventually.) With this being the case, Rockstar should be taking some inspiration from recent games, looking what and what not to do when it comes to the next instalment for the Grand Theft Auto series.

We have no doubts that GTAVI will be a ground-breaking success, given the reputation Rockstar have garnered and their latest release, 2018’s Red Dead Redemption 2, being one of the greatest games of all time. However, even Red Dead had its issues.

It’s been a LONG time since GTAV dropped back in 2013 and there have been plentiful advancements to gaming in this time. It’s crazy to think that we haven’t had a new GTA release for an entire console generation, with GTAVI planned to launch on then next-gen Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

One would certainly hope that within this period, they haven’t just been designing Red Dead and sticking new microtransactions into GTA Online. We’d like to think they’ve done some research too.

At the forefront, GTAVI needs to be fun. Rockstar should look to the tropes of recent games' past, to see what’s been enhanced, what’s been dropped, what’s raved about, and which mechanics end up in a video featuring a very angry Jules Gill.

Here are ways they must learn from the past.

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